Founder Colin Daley


Aurora Planetarium:  Colin Daley, Owner


I am a qualified facilitator and former Training Officer with West Yorkshire Police (WYP), I have been presenting and teaching professionally for over 20 years and I am annually CRB checked.


My own interest in astronomy and space science stemmed from the Apollo programme in the late 1960’s with me writing to Neil Armstrong after his return to Earth from the Moon landing.  After receiving a response on being an astronaut and space survival it has inspired a lifelong interest in astronomy and space science.


Since my retirement from WYP in 2015 I have been teaching astronomy to adults on outreach projects in the community and at open evenings at The West Yorkshire Astronomical Society (WYAS), I have also been fulfilling the requirements for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts badges at WYAS and freelancing with a mobile planetarium facilitating astronomy and space science in schools throughout Yorkshire.


My aim with Aurora Planetarium is to explain the Solar System and Space beyond our small planet in an immersive theatre environment whilst inspiring young minds in the process.


I am a member of The British Association of Planetaria.



Peace Of Mind


Aurora Planetarium carries the required Public Liability Insurance and equipment safety certificates, Its presenters also conduct dynamic risk assessments at each new venue and operate to strict safety standards. Proof of CRB status is available to see on request.


Please note that owing to the necessity of operating equipment in a darkened environment whilst presenting shows, audiences which include children must be accompanied by an adult from the commissioning organisation who remain with the children at all times whilst in the dome.