Founder Colin Daley


The planetarium is an indoor only facility.


The Dome requires an indoor space at least 6m wide X 7.0m long with 4m of unobstructed height (19’8” X 23 X 13). A badminton court is 20 (6m) wide. In respect of height, 4m can be estimated by visualizing two ordinary doors on top of each other.  Please keep this is in mind to avoid disappointment and call us if you are in any doubt, we are pleased to help.  All that’s needed is a normal power socket. Please note that the dome cannot be set up outdoors.


Timings: Schools normally have to plan around other activities such as breakfast clubs, dinners and after school activities. This is no problem as long as we know timings and they have been discussed beforehand.


The presenter requires 40 (preferably 45) minutes to set up at the beginning of a series of shows, 20 minutes to temporarily disassemble the Dome (e.g. over a lunch time) and 20 minutes to reassemble. Five minutes is required between shows to reset computers and other equipment.