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Carr Green Primary School, Rastrick, West Yorkshire (Feb 2020)

By cmdaley1, Feb 28 2020 05:12PM

Hi Colin

Thanks again for a fantastic day on Monday! I've gotten the children to write down what they thought and have typed it up under some more detailed feedback from me. They are still so excited about it and even some of the more reluctant learners are really engaged in our topic!

Thanks again.

Sammy Mullen

Carr Green Primary School, Rastrick.

The Aurora Planetarium was an exceptional experience. It was fantastic to have someone so knowledgeable visit our school and deliver so much information in a way that really engaged the children. Colin prepared a presentation that was pitched perfectly for them and he also captured the interest of parents and carers after school. He was very adaptable around our timetabling needs and made a day that they children won’t forget in a hurry. We very much recommend Aurora Planetarium to those with an interest and especially schools hoping to create a hassle free, easy to organize and memorable experience to help hook in those learners.

Childrens Comments from the day:

You made us interested!!

I never knew that much about space before, you are amazing.

I loved the dome and I learnt a lot.

I found out that Pluto is now a dwarf planet. I found out what makes a star.

I learnt a lot. The dome was really cool.

The LOVED the projector in the dome with the amazing pictures. You are a cool guy as well.

I think you were fabulous because you have great facts to tell people.

I loved how the dome turned into a movie theatre.

I love the facts you told us and the videos.

I really enjoyed the dome and all the facts. It really inspired me to love space and you were a great teacher.

I liked when we went into the dome.

He was very nice and clever. I liked the dome and I learned that the sun will eventually explode.

I was really interested and I really want to hear more.

I thought he was amazing! He has many facts about space.

I learnt a lot of new interesting science facts. I loved the dome to watch lots of mini films. You know loads of facts.

I thought the dome was awesome and I would love to go in it again. It was so fun. I LOVED it.

I liked it when we watched the videos. It felt like you were flying.

I loved when we went in the dome and all the pictures came on the inside.

I really liked the dome.

I liked how we got to go in the dome.

I loved the dome-thing that you had. It was awesome.

I loved the dome and how the videos were projected onto the inside.

You were really kind. We loved laying down and watching. Super cool!

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