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Teacher Reviews (Feb/March)

By cmdaley1, Apr 22 2019 08:12AM

26/2/19. Half Acres Primary Academy, Castleford - Mrs Mason Year 4.

"We've had the most amazing experience; I’ve learnt things that I didn’t know and I can’t wait to go back to class and inspire them. If I’d been taught science like this at school, perhaps I would have been a science teacher and not English and History”.

26/2/19. Half Acres Primary Academy, Castleford – Sophie Naylor Year 1.

“The children absolutely loved the experience, they really enjoyed going on an adventure with the Alien and seeing all the different Planets. Colin was really helpful when he was telling us about all the different men and women who had gone into Space and the children found all that really interesting as well, and have come up with a lot of their own questions that they want to find out from this experience, so thank you again”.

26/2/19. Half Acres Primary Academy, Castleford – Carolyn Stuart.

“We had the planetarium in today it was fantastic, lovely visual representation for the children, Colin was really good with the children and all were very engaged in the activity, I wanted to talk all morning about it, had a great time”.

1/3/19. Brinsworth Whitehill Primary School, Rotherham – Mrs Hibbert Year 4.

“The use of questioning at the end so children got chance to ask lots and lots of questions, and the way you answered them was perfect for them and they were well explained at their own level, and obviously you’ve got far more knowledge than I do, So normally I’m like, let me just check, so that was fantastic”.

1/3/19. Brinsworth Whitehill Primary School, Rotherham – Rachel Sharp Year 3.

“We’ve had Colin today for the whole morning, its been absolutely fantastic, the children have learned so much and they’ve been blown away by the visuals what they’ve seen which is going to add so much more to their work, the fact that they can visualise it so largely, it was wonderful”.

1/3/19. St Johns C of E Junior School, Mexborough – Class Teacher.

“Just like to say that Colin was absolutely amazing, the kids were absolutely buzzing and they really enjoyed their planetarium experience”.

7/3/19. Bramley Sunnyside Primary School, Rotherham – Donna Shaw, One to One TA Year 1.

“He has been enraptured this morning, he was in space, as he is a child with complex needs and Space is his favourite topic and I cannot begin to tell you the excitement this little boy had over watching the Planets go around the dome”.

29/3/19. Dimplewell Infant School, Ossett – Becky Robson.

“We have had an amazing morning with Colin and his planetarium. Our children have learned an immense amount about science in the world and the Solar System. Our children were enthralled so much that they were asking really deep questions which Colin was able to answer clearly and at the right level for our children, I look forward to seeing this again because it was absolutely amazing”.

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