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Wednesday 7th November 2018. Welcome to the Leeds 'School of the Year' 2018 Shakespeare Primary School is a special place where the staff are dedicated to providing the best for all children.

By cmdaley1, Nov 22 2018 06:13PM

Taken from Shakespeare Primary School, Leeds Website.

To The Stars!

Aurora Planetarium landed in our school hall and took us on a journey of discovery to infinity and beyond.

Colin explained nature, the Solar System and Space beyond our small planet in a fully immersive theatre environment. By showcasing nature, space, science and astronomy all children were able to see things they hadn't seen before.

The planetarium experience was enjoyed by all and has well and truly hooked each pupil into our Stargazers learning project. Colin was very impressed with the quality of questions the children were asking and even passed on space school details to one pupil who wowed him with the knowledge they already had!

Next stop... making a model of the moon's surface in our DT lessons.

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