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By cmdaley1, Apr 1 2017 03:19PM

A day and a half at Walton Primary School, a throughly enjoyable day with plenty of positive feed back

"There was such a buzz in and around school after the event; the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed your visit so thank you so much! There has been a lot of talk about it since" - Bryony Marshall Teacher.

"Such an exciting and memorable experience that both the children and the staff will not forget! Inspiring young minds; we now have a class full of aspiring Astronomers!" - Reception Teacher

"A great experience for both children and adults which was age-appropriate" - Year 1 Teacher

"A brilliant way to capture the children's imagination and a great stimulus for a topic" - Year 3 Teacher

"Very well organised, ran smoothly and Colin had such a kind and caring nature with the children" - Year 4 Teacher

"Colin was great; the adults enjoyed it as much as the kids!" - Year 5 Teacher

"Can we go in again I loved it" - Child, 5

"Awesome!" - Child, 5

"It was the best day ever!" - Child, 6

"I want to go to Space in a rocket" - Child 6,

"I liked looking at all of the different planets" - Child, 7

"I never knew there were so many stars" - Child, 8

"My favourite bit was learning about the space station" - Child, 8

Thanks again

Bryony Marshall, Teacher.

"Oscar really loved the presentation" Victoria Cocliffe, Parent.

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