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By making a booking it is agreed that you have read and understood the Aurora Planetarium Terms & Conditions before making that booking. By confirming the booking you are agreeing to and are legally bound by the Terms & Conditions set out below.


1. Access requirements


The equipment we use is heavy and is transported on wheels. These wheels will fit through a standard door width. Access to the hall or space where the planetarium is to be set up must be level or ramped, with no steps. Access must be provided via a lift if set up is required anywhere other than ground floor level.


2. Location


The dome is for indoor use only. It requires a minimum floor area of 6 x 7 metres, plus a minimum height of 4 metres. The floor MUST be clean and dry.  Please be aware that raised or sprung floors may cause vibration to the projection equipment, resulting in possible shaky images on the dome roof. Access to an electricity supply within 15 metres of the dome is essential.


3. Seating


Please be aware that the audience within the dome will be seated on the floor.  Although not necessary we advise that you supply gym mats, cushions or bean bags to make the audience more comfortable. If chairs are required, the capacity is reduced and the chairs must be supplied by the school/venue.


4. Timetable


If you need our planetarium shows to fit into your school day, you must supply Aurora Planetarium with your school timetable at the time of booking or as soon as possible once the booking has been confirmed. If you are not a school, please supply Aurora Planetarium with an indication of your preferred timings, including show length.


5. Set up and take down times


Our equipment takes up to 45 minutes to set up at the start of our visit and up to 30 minutes to pack down at the end of the visit. Ideally, we will need access to your site/venue at least one hour before the first scheduled planetarium show is due to begin and at least half an hour after the last show has finished. You must allow for these times when deciding on show length and number of shows required. If our equipment is to be set up in a school hall that is used for lunch, please be aware that we will need at least 15 minutes to pack it away and at least 25 minutes to set it all up again after the hall has been thoroughly cleaned after lunch.


6. Staffing


Aurora Planetarium will supply one or two members of staff for set up/take down and guiding visitors in and out of the dome. During the shows, it is essential that at least one school staff member/adult accompanies groups of children under the age of 16.


7. Behaviour


We expect all visitors to the planetarium to behave in a calm and respectful manner. It is important that younger children are encouraged to keep calm by their adult supervisors. Any rudeness towards Aurora Planetarium staff will not be tolerated. Any visitors behaving in a rude, disrespectful or disruptive manner, either towards other visitors or Aurora Planetarium staff, will be asked to leave the dome immediately.


8. Booking


To avoid disappointment, we advise that you phone (07850086681)or email Aurora Planetarium (contact page) to check on availability. Before contacting us choose a few possible dates, and we will do our best to deliver your shows on your preferred dates but cannot guarantee such dates until a deposit has been received.


9. Parking requirements


We will require the provision of one parking space as close as possible to the site entrance. If this is not possible, then short-term access as close as possible to the site entrance is essential, with alternative parking made available nearby. You MUST advise Aurora Planetarium if metered/charged parking is the only option, plus an indication of the cost, as this will need to be included in the Invoice. If this condition is not met, we reserve the right to raise an additional Invoice to cover the cost of any unexpected parking charges.